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Construction works include building and installation of equipment for new construction works , repairing, renovation, relocation, restoration, construction demolition; warranty and maintenance of construction works.

With architects, design consultants, construction engineers, architects and supervisors, Andes E&C will create drawings and complete the construction process. According to the principles of safety, quality and progress, smallest stages are strictly ensured such as choosing construction materials as well as solving problems in the construction process.

We provide technical solutions:
Reinforced concrete structure
Reinforced concrete structure, an ordinary structure, is suitable for the multistory building because of its reasonable costs. Our solutions for reinforced concrete structure can create more usable space by 30% compared to traditional solutions.

Steel structure
Steel structure is used for single-floor factories or multistory factories and is built in a short time. Steel is recyclable highly, and familiar with environment, so it becomes more and more popular.

Accomplishment in work
For accomplishing work, we use the best materials which are available in the market and we also attend to the details. For customers with different types of factories, we consider all the characteristics. We understand its importance and we are confident about our encouragements that exceed customer expectations.

M&E work plays the most important role in factory's operations. We provide: Transformer system, Manufacturing electricity, Lighting system, Water supply and drainage system, HVAC system, Air-compressed system, Fire fighting system, …

Andes E&C's construction process includes stages:

- Receive project information
- Quote and complete the contract
- Approve and sign the contract
- Carry out construction
- Consign the construction
- Guarantee after construction